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You are welcomed to enjoy a bottle of good Austrian vine or other drink on our terrace, also in later hours, but remember:

We are not a party house! 

If you enjoy your vacation after 10pm, please behave adequately with respect to other customers, our neighbours and us.


We expect from you to help us to keep our facility and all their accessories free of damage and appropriate clean. 

Then many next customers can enjoy their stay similar to how you did.


We are a shoe free house!

You will be kindly requested to remove your shoes at the entrance door and keep this rule during your all stay in our house.
Do not worry, we have carpets and floor heating. Your feet will be warm!


We like kids and dogs, but the conception, layout and accessories  of our guest house are NOT suited / safe for children under 15 or any pets.

Please do not book Ausseerhaus im Grünen for them.


With your booking you commit to follow points 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Welcome to our Ausseerhaus soon!

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